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New Jet Skis Every Season

"ZOOOM on the Yamaha...."

2023 Yamaha VX Waverunners

  • NO GOVERNOR-Speeds up to 55 mph
  • Features new TR-1 3-Cylinder High Output 4 Stoke Engine. Smooth, quiet, and reliable. Not equipped on older year models
  • Re-boarding step on rear to assist climbing back on if you tip! Not equipped on older year models
  • RIDE Reverse system. Electronic Reverse system using both hand on the handle bars to easily park and dock watercraft. Not equipped on older year models
  • Throttle lever on right side handlebar, and reverse on the left handle bar. Similar to bicycle brake levers.
  • Seats up to three riders
  • MAX 400 lbs.
  • NO BRAKES – Jet skis do not have brakes so care must be taken!
  • Equipped with NC required safety equipment
  • Equipped with clock to ensure proper return time from your rental

We replace all of our skis each season to provide customers with the best & most reliable equipment possible.